Golf Lessons
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Jon has over 16 years of teaching experience and has built up an excellent reputation within the local area for his simple coaching style. He tailors his coaching to suit the individual needs of each pupil to make improving your golf both easy to understand and enjoyable.

Jon uses the most preferred video analysis of coaches, instructors and training facilities worldwide to capture, compare and improve the performance of his student. Today V1 Pro HD software continues to build on its reputation of delivering reliable performance and unmatched customer service solidifying its standing as the #1 Video Analysis Software in golf.

My aim is to make your golf swing as simple as possible. The more simple it is, the less there is to go wrong and the easier it is to repeat. Making your swing less complicated in movement and in thoughts, makes it easier to hit consistent shots.

- Jon Williamson -

Ten great reasons why you should have golf lessons

  1. Lessons are not just rewarding to your game but are an enjoyable experience.
  2. Having your golf swing worked on exclusively by a PGA expert is a great experience and will help build a sound platform.
  3. Getting the correct advice from a PGA pro is priceless, books, magazines and playing partners can often give misguided advice or tips.
  4. Your PGA pro is your second pair of eyes, he is looking at you and can see your swing and through his expertise, he can set realistic targets to achieve through practice regimes.
  5. The golf swing is a very complex action, a lesson with a PGA pro will help you understand why things are happening and what can be done to improve.
  6. Lessons can help with more consistent ball striking, greater length, and accuracy.
  7. A lesson offers you the chance to speak to a PGA pro about the best choice of equipment for your swing.
  8. Practice makes perfect, a good golf practice drill routine from your pro will help the part of your game in most need of work.
  9. You get the most out of your equipment with a lesson.
  10. Don’t fall into bad habits, have a lesson.