Etiquette at Birstall Golf Club
January 2022

Every golf club has core standards that members are expected to adhere to and Birstall is no exception.

Birstall Golf Club Members are responsible for their own conduct and that of their guests. This responsibility can manifest itself in many ways ranging from behaviours in the clubhouse to actions on the course.

We encourage members to be proactive in helping us maintain the highest possible standards at the club -for example if you see someone not raking a bunker after use politely ask them to do so as opposed to assuming the bunkers are the sole responsibility of the green staff.

Our aim as a club is to encourage a culture of member responsibility that can only be achieved by each and every member being aware of the role you have to play in maintaining the highest possible standards at your club.

Dress Code on the Course

Members and visitors are expected to be smartly and tidily dressed both on the course and in the clubhouse. Everyone is asked to respect these standards and no-one should be offended if they are asked to leave if they are unable to comply with the club’s standards.

Should be designed for golf and should be tucked in.

Should be tailored. Denim jeans of any colour are not acceptable on the course.

Should be designed specifically for golf. Trainers are not allowed on the course.

Should be tailored and designed for golf.

Mobile Phones
Please do not use mobile phones on the course, except in the case of emergency.

10th Tee

If you are booked off on the 10th (your 1st tee) -Do not proceed if players on the 9th have left the 9th tee and are walking towards their 2nd shots.

2nd Green / 9th Tee
When arriving on the 2nd green and there are players on the 9th tee alternate with the 9th tee players taking care to watch for wayward drives.

3rd green/8th tee and the 6th/16th tees and 15th/17th tees –same etiquette as 2nd green/9th tee.

1st & 9th Tee

Waiting on the 1st tee -be respectful to players on both 1st tee AND 9th green. 1st Tee has right of play over 9th green but can choose to alternate.

18 Tee
If your ball is hooked off the tee into gardens on left you must report this to the General Manager or Professional so as not to invalidate our insurance.

Key Areas of Conduct & Etiquette

None of the above are onerous but by adhering to basic courtesies whilst playing the course members greatly enhance both their own playing experience and that of your fellow members.

Etiquette in the Clubhouse

At Birstall we try to keep rules and regulations to a minimum relying on members to exercise a responsible attitude to the enjoyment of others. It goes without saying however that there are some do's and dont’sand these include:


We encourage members to bring guests into the clubhouse to enjoy our bar and catering.

Club Functions

We encourage members to actively support club functions as this brings in valuable revenue to the club which in turn helps rises in subscription levels to be kept to a minimum.

Our aim as a club is to make both your playing and clubhouse experience as enjoyable as possible. We try to minimise rules and regulations wherever possible to encourage a culture of member responsibility. You can greatly assist our efforts by adhering to the core principles of the club which are based on common sense and courtesy.

Thank you for your cooperation