Captain's Welcome

It is a privilege and honour to be the Club Captain for 2024, which I see as an exciting season with all the positive developments within the club

- Jeff Smith - Men’s Captain’s Message 2024 -

I would like to welcome Arvind Mistry as my Vice Captain, I have played, and socialised, with Arvind on many occasions and I am sure that we will continue to maintain our friendship to work together for the good of the club.

I would like to give my thanks to our outgoing Captain Andy Crane who has had an incredibly successful year, giving so much of his time and energy into the best interests of the club, his advice and guidance has been invaluable to me. I hope I am blessed with the same weather and facilities on my Captains weekend away as Andy had on his trip to Tewkesbury.

It will also a pleasure to work with Clare Bailey-Thomson our Lady Captain for 2024, and to supporting the Ladies section of the club in any way I can. Our Drive in is on the 7th April 2024, please don’t hit your drive too far past me Clare!

I would like to wish Chris Webb and our scratch first team all the best for the coming season. I shall endeavour to be at all the games and hope as many of our members can come along and support our lads as I know it is really appreciated.

I am looking forward to the oncoming season with all the work Craig and his staff are putting into the course along with the new club house facilities, exciting times!

Finally, a massive thank you to all the members who have devoted their time and effort into completing the new clubhouse, a fantastic achievement, also helped by our social team who relentlessly raised funds to improve the final project.

Jeff Smith,
Men’s Captain 2024

It's an honour to be Lady Captain in 2024, I previously held this office in 2011. I’m really looking forward to representing Birstall GC again and supporting the club through further changes.

- Clare Bailey-Thomson – Lady Captain’s Message 2024 -

It’s the end of March and I’m just about to start my captaincy for Birstall Golf Club for the 2nd time.

That was in 2011, (13 years ago for those who want me to make it easy). What a year, I worked full time too. It can’t have been that bad, because here I am doing it again. This time however I have a bit more experience and another fab committee to help me organise the year. I’m really looking forward to representing Birstall GC again and supporting the club through further changes.

Thanks to Sandra Clarke and Andy Crane for doing such a good jobs as Captains last year.

Our drive-in is on 7th April, this is late compared to the usual date but will be worth the wait as our new club house will be in use by then.

Finally , thanks to all our members who have continued to support Birstall during tough times and foul weather, let’s hope this year is dryer and better than ever.

My charity is Alzheimer’s Research UK. This along with dementia causes devastation for those with the disease and their families every year. The charity is working to find a cure. Every year there are 10 million new cases and 1 in 65 are diagnosed with dementia.

Have a great 2024-25.

Clare Bailey-Thomson,
Lady Captain 2024

I am really proud to be asked to be Junior Captain for 2024.

- Oliver Bacon – Junior Captain’s Message 2024 -

I am really proud to be asked to be Junior Captain for 2024, the club hasn't had a junior section for quite some time now and with the help and support of the junior organisation team, and the already encouraging support we've had from the members I know 2024 will be a great year for the junior section at Birstall Golf Club.

As I personally turn my attention to the 2024 Golfing season, I will, as always look forward to representing Birstall Golf Club while I'm on Tour on the Robert Rock Junior Tour as well as a proud member of the LRGU county Boys under 14s team.

I hope everyone has a great year

Oliver Bacon,
Junior Captain 2024