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personApplicants for membership of Birstall Golf Club need to complete an application form  and forward it to the General Manager with a photo. The club requests that applicants are proposed and seconded by two current full playing members – if you are new to the area or don’t know two current members please speak to the General Manager who can assist you with your application.

The Administration Office is open Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 4:00pm. Telephone: 0116 267 4322 (option 1)

Membership Category Subs

Full Playing Member Year 1

Full Playing Member Year 2



5 Day Member Year 1

5 Day Member Year 2



Flexible Membership  £350.00
House & Social  £90.00

Attractive membership packages available! Special prices available for under 35 year olders! Junior membership available from £6 per month. Corporate Membership also available. Please contact us for details.

  Sub EGU Dev Fund Total
Full Member £1160.00 £18.00 £60.00 £1238.00
5 Day Member £828.59 £18.00 £60.00 £906.59
35 Age Group £989.00 £18.00 £51.00 £1055.00
34 Age Group £928.00 £18.00 £48.00 £994.00
33 Age Group £870.00 £18.00 £45.00 £933.00
32 Age Group £812.00 £18.00 £42.00 £872.00
31 Age Group £754.00 £18.00 £39.00 £811.00
30 Age Group £696.00 £18.00 £36.00 £750.00
29 Age Group £638.00 £18.00 £33.00 £689.00
28 Age Group £580.00 £18.00 £30.00 £628.00
27 Age Group £522.00 £18.00 £27.00 £567.00
26 Age Group £464.00 £18.00 £24.00 £506.00
19-25 Age Group £348.00 £18.00 £18.00 £384.00
16-18 Age Group £180.00 £18.00 £6.00 £204.00


Junior Playersperson Interested in playing golf?  Birstall are keen to promote the sport to young people and have a very active section that will give you an insight into the game and gradually integrate you into playing on the full course through practice sessions, coaching and fun sessions for all ages. Telephone our Professional Dave Clark on 0116 267 5245 for details when the next fun sessions and coaching will commence. Free to try initially – our subscription structure is aimed to suit children from under 10 years old through their teens and up to adulthood. For membership enquiries please contact our Secretary on 0116 267 4322. I look forward to seeing you soon. Sue Bailey Junior Organiser juniors-02






Dear Potential Member,


Thank you for your enquiry regarding membership of Birstall Golf Club. Owned by its members, Birstall has a reputation for being one of the best golf venues in the county and the combination of a beautifully maintained course and friendly clubhouse atmosphere makes it a particularly enjoyable place to play golf.

 Situated to the north of Leicester and enjoying magnificent views over the city, the hills of Charnwood forest and to the east towards Rutland, the Club was founded in 1901. The course is 6239 yards long with a par of 70 and standard scratch score of 71 from the men’s competition tees and is a delight to play, providing a fair and exciting challenge for any golfer.

 There are superb greens and fairways with some very challenging tree-lined holes on a layout which is easy to walk. The course and the clubhouse facilities ensure you can enjoy a pleasant, challenging round and a particularly friendly, sociable atmosphere afterwards.


What Membership Offers


We offer a particularly wide range of benefits on joining Birstall Golf Club including –

  # Variety of types of membership to suit all tastes.

  # Competitive rates of subscription including the facility to spread costs by paying monthly.

  # Wide range of competitions for all handicaps.

  # Team golf again across all handicap ranges.

  # Discounted rates for your guests.

  # Online tee booking

  # Extensive “passport” scheme enabling you to play at ( ENTER LOTS OF PASSPORT COURSES) at greatly discounted rates.

  # Welcoming clubhouse where quality food and an extensive drinks range are available at discounted prices via your bar card.

  # Extensive programme of social events.

  # Full function facilities.

  # Regular communication via periodic Members’ Forums, General Manager’s Blog, social media and email.

  # Fully stocked golf shop with tuition available at very competitive rates.





 Having read the above if you require any further information contact our General Manager Jo Shepherd who will be happy to assist ( or 0116 267 4322)

Then simply complete the undernoted application form and submit it to Jo via email or drop it into the Club where a coffee will be waiting for you. If you know any existing Birstall GC member who would be happy to second your application complete the form accordingly. However if you do not know a member this will not hinder your application.


# Details of the payment plan that most suits your circumstances

 # Your Welcome Pack which includes the Club’s rules and a copy of the R&A rules.

 # Your bag tag

 # Your bar card

 # Your log in details for on line booking.



We look forward to welcoming you as a member of Birstall Golf Club where we are confident you will enjoy not only a first class course but also an unrivalled clubhouse atmosphere.

 Jo Shepherd

General Manager.



There is currently no joining fee. Our annual subscriptions are very competitive and can be paid by installments to suit your needs.


There are superb greens and fairways with some very challenging tree-lined holes on a layout which is fairly easy to walk.



This service allows you to book an Open Competition Tee Time or a Visitor Tee Time.
You will receive an email confirmation of your booking.