Hello Everyone! I hope you enjoy my first blog…

It’s been an interesting start to my Captain’s year and to date I have enjoyed every moment.

The year started with a successful Drive In; thank you to those who attended and the many presents received with a special mention to Dawn Smith for the tasteful mug!! Captains Supper was well attended and thank you to compère, comedian and friend Steve Brookes for his destruction of my good character.

Moving on, it’s also been a busy time getting round to see everyone; I have played with the Seniors, Mixed Team and 2nd Team/Rabbits now combined. I have enjoyed watching the very best Birstall can provide with the 1st Team too and know they will continue to improve as we move through the season.

Club Facilities saw myself, Dave our Professional and Mick Newton take the hammer and chisel to the men’s showers which are now near completion. Working with Sandra Clarke (House Chairman) we have agreed some additional improvements to the overall decoration of some areas; the Men’s Locker room being the next project.

Captain’s Week is all in hand and I hope you will all support my Captain’s Day and Evening which will be a family event with a BBQ – a mix of Indian and European food with a Disco. Details will be announced soon and I really want to emphasise the family theme so forget the babysitters, let’s all get together and enjoy.

Finally, as you may be aware, 5 of us are doing the 100 Hole Challenge – myself, Jon (PGA Professional), Clare Stephens, Hairdresser Dave and Simon Wells – for our local BAGS Charity. I can only hope you will be generous in your support for all of us and help to make this a worthwhile challenge. Donations can be made directly to the Bar or Office or direct to the bank with reference 100holes. Sort Code: 56-00-55. Account No: 34380078.

Richard Smith – Men’s Captain