Hello and I am obviously preparing to step down from my current responsibilities. I want everyone to know it’s been an absolute pleasure and I thank all that have supported me during the year.

To be honest it will not be easy giving up but I know the Golf Club will be in good hands with Nigel Spencer (fully trained) and Mick Newton backing him up. I am pleased that Nigel and I have become quite close friends which for me has also been very welcomed to have his respect and support.

The Golf Club again is going through some changes and challenges – and whatever your thoughts might be now – let’s all settle and see how things go – give support and help where we can. The departure of both Alice and soon Mandy is a great loss to the club and it would be wrong not to acknowledge how much help and support they gave me.
The following appeal might go unnoticed!!

Its my last week and I am still short of my target for my Charity – BAGS – if you can afford a pound or two please give and help me to achieve that goal – Bar – Pro Shop – Office – you can decide. Let’s really try to make a difference to those Cancer Victims and families.
Begging done!!!

Well done Steve, Adam and the team – your efforts and ambitions to deliver a much better service and overall contribution to the club is welcomed. The last quarter finance reports prove you’re on the right track – thanks to the members too.

As always Martin and Chris with our combined and hard working team continue to change and challenge our golf course. The development is never ending and I know that we will continue to enjoy the challenges of all the work undertaken this summer.

Pro Shop
Great supportive team even if Jon is developing a strange sense of humour. For me a pre match warm up – the banter and cup of hot chocolate is a great start to a game.

Social Members – Sunday Lunch Chats
I have enjoyed so much walking around the dining room chatting to you all. It gave me good perspective your times and years at Birstall Golf Club – thanks for sharing and welcoming me at your tables. Please continue to enjoy and support the Golf Club.

Social Committee
I do not quite know who is in charge but I guess it must be Dawn Smith as she often has too much to say – ha ha – but again great job and well done – I guess I am off it now so no more curry nights after the meetings?

Finally, good luck to all and keep smiling as when you do “BIRSTALL GOLF CLUB – SMILES WITH YOU”

Richard Smith
Men’s Captain 2016