Well, here I am sitting in the comfort of my office with pain everywhere in my body. I knew from the outset that it was going to be a big challenge and only now do I feel how big it was not only for me but the rest of the team Jon, Dave, Claire and Simon.

Arriving at the club just after 4.00am – I was heartened to see Nigel Spencer, my Vice Captain, here to give us support and shortly followed by Steph White with a bag full of fresh fruit, water and chocolate. Simon Wells was quick to take advantage of the Jaffa Cakes.

We hit the first tee at 4.40am and this was to be the start of our 5 rounds – plus the obligatory 10 holes to make up the 100 holes. The pace was constant with big and straight hitting Jon and Dave gaining hole by hole – but Claire, Simon and I continued at a pace knowing that we had to be finished by 9.15pm.

I want at this point to thank everyone who supported, encouraged and stepped aside for us to play through and must without doubt thank our Ladies Section for all they did – you were amazing.

At about 9.35pm I entered the changing room shattered and somewhat in denial we had actually accomplished the task. My e-mail alerts started to buzz and I was pleased to see Robin Francis our Chairman congratulations – followed by a request to play 9 holes the following day.

After a few beers with the team it was off to bed. Time went quickly and the following day I was back on the tee to assist our Ladies with their Summer Open. Passing the Pro shop I popped my head around the corner to welcome Dave back from his holiday and omitted to thank him for being the constant provider of power to our pit stop battery changes.

So no rest for this week as I represent the Club at Colin’s funeral today and hit The Leicestershire tonight for the 1st Team Fixture, a Mixed Day competition tomorrow, our great Cowboys v Indians Saturday and a Mixed Team Match on Sunday.

Finally, I cannot announce the amount we made for our efforts as we all have to get our promised funds in. Those that did support us, our thanks go to you – those that maybe have not and still wish to may do so again with our full appreciation  I will be placing a donation bucket on the Bar which will remain for one week. Remember BAGS is a local charity and I ask you to support our efforts with anything you can.

Honourable Men Awards:

Tom Doblander – From the outset Tom sponsored £10 and stated that he did not think I could do it. If I did he would meet me directly after the game and donate a further £90 – he was in the bar on my arrival and did so.

Mayur Vora – On the Premiere Golf Society Day – bet me £50 that I would not succeed – I am happy now to collect that bet.


Thanks to my wife Christine for ironing my white trousers at 3.30am in the morning and being supportive during the day and helping to get us across the finish line!!!